Nitrogen Systems: Policy-oriented Integrated Research and Education


Course Schedule

Students in the NSPIRE program are expected to take the Nitrogen Cycling in Earth's Systems course and the Systems dynamic modeling course (ESRP 550) during their first semester (Fall). During the second semester (Spring) they are expected to take the Policy Studio Course. Due to the intense nature of the Policy Studio Course, it is strongly recommended that students do not take additional coursework during the spring semester. Immediately following the spring semester (May) students will participate in a 2 week Nitrogen methods workshop. This workshop will be an intensive introduction to multi-phase methods for measuring nitrogen in the environment, and will include travel around the Palouse.

The second year of the NSPIRE fellowship students should schedule coursework that will fulfill their department requirements, as determined by their graduate studies committee. Students will receive NSPIRE fellowship stipends through their entire first year, and for the fall and spring semesters of their second year. At that point students will transition to department research stipends until the 3 month policy internship, which ideally will be towards the end of their dissertation work. Students will then be funded during the 3 month policy internship with NSPIRE stipends.