Nitrogen Systems: Policy-oriented Integrated Research and Education



REACCH Greenhouse Gas Exchange Video

May 2, 2013

This video describes how researchers at WSU monitor greenhouse gas exchanges in cereal-based cropping systems using the eddy covariance flux tower. This work is part of the REACCH PNA research project.

2013 IGERT Poster Competition
Budget Approach Provides Insights into Transformations and Fate of Nitrogen Applied to Eastern Washington Agroecosystem. View a PDF of the poster, or watch a video describing the project.
Ricardi Duvil receives the 2012 Bullitt Foundation Fellowship
This prestigious two-year $100,000 fellowship will support a continuation of his research focused on water quality improvement initiated under the NSPIRE program. Duvil's research is supervised by Associate Professor Marc Beutel. Read more...
Bridget Deemer receives EPA STAR Graduate Fellowship
School of the Environment Ph.D. student Bridget Deemer has been awarded a 3-year, $126,000 EPA STAR fellowship to fund the completion of her Ph.D. Deemer is supervised by assistant professor John Harrison.
2012 IGERT Poster Competition  •  WSU NSPIRE entry, Ashley Hammac (poster, video)

Transforming U.S. Agriculture
– WSU researcher John Reganold and others explain in Science, May 6, 2011 [Link to article]

European Nitrogen Assessment – article in Nature, April 2011   [Related Video, ENA Book]

Nitrogen pollution in Europe – BBC News Report, April 15, 2011

Students Get the Big Picture on Environmental Challenges – about WSU's NSPIRE IGERT

Collaborative Learning – Karl Smith talks with NSPIRE faculty about curriculum development